Hand-processed vegetables
Hand-processed vegetables are one of the distinguishing features of our products.
Processing vegetables by hand means ensuring each individual piece is exactly
the way it should be, for aesthetic and practical reasons.

A clean, sharp cut, for example, ensures cleaner lines and a more orderly appearance in the jars. Measuring each piece precisely ensures uniform marinading and cooking, as well as sizes.

Finally, hand processing is the only way to obtain the best results with certain vegetables, such as peppers, cauliflower and onion.
Our sweet-and-sour infusion
One of our secrets is a special sweet-and-sour infusion. This extraordinary product, underlying many of our flavourings, springs from an ancient recipe.
It is used instead of the water and white vinegar pickling liquid used by other manufacturers.
Our infusion grants aromatic notes to the vegetables and adds that touch of acidity required by certain recipes.

Its complex recipe, including as many as 14 ingredients, involves leaving some salt, sugar, spices and flavourings to marinade in white wine for hours and then simmering and reducing the liquid.
Straw-coloured and intensely flavoured, its use in our products is a secret, but we can assure you that it often makes all the difference!
Gentle pasteurisation
Mariolino’s manual production goes hand in hand with its technical and scientific pasteurisation process.

Every Mariolino jar and tin undergoes a heat treatment known as pasteurisation or sterilisation so as to be stored at room temperature for prolonged periods of time. Monitoring this steam-based process is a delicate operation requiring absolute precision because, however gentle, the ingredients can still be spoiled by excessive heat.

Using specific temperatures and pressures for each recipe enables us to guarantee the shelf life of our products, while maintaining the correct degree of crunchiness of our vegetables.